"Photography represents an universal language, as a timeless image carries an emotional message that can be understood by everyone, beyond time and borders. My life as a professional photographer is so rich in human experiences, which in this age of ultra-connection are so many anchor points in the present moment."

Deep in me I have the soul of a child who doesn't want to grow up and follow the dictates of fashion and beauty world. For me, the emotional world is much more interesting to explore, it instills desire, and desire is as pure and instinctive as our reason is troubled and conditioned.

My passion for images began when I was a shy teenager, I found in photography a way of distracting myself by focusing my attention on beauty that surrounded me, animals, landcapes in magical lights, my familly and friends. 

Later after studying engineering I realized that photography was more than a passion, it was my vocation.

I began my career as a beauty and fashion photographer in the 20ies and had many collaborations with luxury magazines and brands. 

Now I dedicate most of my time to portrait, boudoir and nude photography in Nature, wild world is for me the best location to explore women body langage, my project is to plane exhibitions to support children and Nature as much as I can in the coming years.


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