In search of Allure

Last spring I was commissioned by Yellow Korner art galleries to deliver my vision of Allure. 

Of course I was about to express my vision of feminine Allure! 

In the pure wild landscapes of the island of Lanzarote, I imagined a woman of character, athletic and feminine in her gestures. The ukrainian model and artist Viktoriia Yarova  was the one I saw for this project, she is wonderfully spontaneous in front of the lens, and embodies my vision of feminine allure with her singular way of moving and inhabiting space with grace and determination. She sublimates every moment of her life, playing the character she invents for herself. In this state of mind I captured her moving during one week all moment that seemed to me to give an emotional dimension to her beauty during the five days of shooting and filming shared with the team.

Leading fine art photography publisher YellowKorner and inventive premium brand Peugeot announce their partnership around the concept of Allure. Together, they have invited five photographers to reveal their vision of Allure through a series of fifteen images each. These photographs will be exhibited from October in YellowKorner galleries and the Peugeot network.

A better world with Allure

"This means that the future must be imagined with style, creativity and ambition, in a human-centered approach. Allure is a state of mind, a posture and a behavior that go far beyond mere appearance." - Peugeot


Quête de la Féminité


Féminité dans le Désert


Féminité dans le Désert


Quête de la Féminité


Corps, Courbes et Lignes


Féminité dans le Désert


L'essence de l'Allure


L'essence de l'Allure


Quête de la féminité

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